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We started journey on 9th June 2008, Initially organisation took ventures to animate students of State Schools & Kendriya Vidyalayas. As Society’s mission is to instill a connection and commitment to the environment in people of all communities through animated students – who shall understand that development should be sustainable for the survival of nature – & play a critical role in making this World a better place to live in. We also taken an initiative to restore mangrove-vegetation through extensive plantation and has engaged a number of dedicated islanders in Sundarban.




During this journey we realized the crisis in health sector among the forest villagers of Sundarban. Thus we took initiative to start Health Intervention and awareness program there with the support of Oil India Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Limited and ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited). As cost of awareness is negligible compare to intervention, in viewing that we organize regularly health related seminars at our own raised fund.



According to WHO (World Health Organisation) each year thirteen lakh children died in India mainly due to diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition etc. This can be reduced sharply by exclusive breastfeeding. But unfortunately a large number of newborn babies are deprived from this life saving super food due to lack of proper awareness of mother and her family. In viewing we organized seminars on Breastfeeding in our project area in collaboration with world breastfeeding week Celebration Committee; Conveynor: Dr. Sunil Kumar Nag.


We are running several low-cost sanitary napkin manufacturing units where a number of needy women are earning their bread. We are also distributing sanitary napkin in free of cost among the adolescent girls and women who are 1st time user so that they can also lead a dignified and hygienic period which they deserve. This jouney begins with three sanitary napkin manufacturing units in Ashokenagar, Dumdum and Sundarban where a number of self-help-groups are manufacturing pads. One major problem is that in India atleast 60 million napkins are not disposed properly. So keeping in mind the problems related to solid waste, 80% of the raw material used to manufacture pads is biodegradable. To start this project, we got financial assistance from ONGC.


We are now running 20 pathshalas with 380 Children who are getting nutritious food, healthcare service, education, and most important is an opportunity to nurture their dream. We have a mission to build 70 such PATHSHALAs where up-to 1500 children in Sundarban can get modern education.

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Aranyaj-“Aranyaj Society For Educational And Environmental Development is a non-profit, Voluntary, Tax Exempted, 80G & FCRA registered organization, founded by a group of dedicated social workers for a greener- balanced – equal planet for all where not a single child is malnourished and deprived from education and development is sustainable where human and other species can live in harmony.


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