Sundrban a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for its magnificent mangrove with its habitat Royal Bengal Tiger. Now this unique as well as critical ecosystem is being over exploited and has been categorized as an endangered ecosystem according to the IUCN! 

Unfortunately, most of the children in Sundarban live below the poverty line, and living days and months without nutritious food makes these children malnourished and prone to sickness resulting in poor academic performance. We will all agree that learning and growth are impossible with an empty stomach. 

How these children are surviving? What will happen if they are not getting atleast the survival /basic education? Is anyone enlightening them about the importance and contribution of Sundarban delta? Are they getting nutritious food at their growing age? In the last 2 years covid pandemic, lockdown and consequent shutdown of schools has left students, especially the children belonging to families below the poverty line with very poor academic performance. In fact the situation prevailed in remarkable dropout cases, many children ended their dreams as daily wages/ brickyard worker/ tea-stall helper/ maid-servant. Condition of girl-child is more alarming, child marriage has remarkably increased which is not good sign for the Nation. What about the passed out students?  inflated marksheet  with almost no practical knowledge and survival  education, students are struggling to get soil under their feet. Unfortunately ‘Digital Divide’ is very prominent here. 

Now we are aiming to build our dream English medium school where 5000 underprivileged children will get modern and contemporary education as well as nutritional support. We dream to educate them about forest, ecology, environmental crisis and climate science. We already got 1 bigha land and a half-made building from local government authorities. Initially for this session we are going to start the school with 150 children.  And we have a plan to build a new building besides the old building where we can accommodate thousands of children to pursue their dream. For this Himalayan task we need your support. So friends come forward and lend your helping hand to build the future of our own Sundarban.

Please come together & donate spontaneously to build your dream school

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Aranyaj-“Aranyaj Society For Educational And Environmental Development is a non-profit, Voluntary, Tax Exempted, 80G & FCRA registered organization, founded by a group of dedicated social workers for a greener- balanced – equal planet for all where not a single child is malnourished and deprived from education and development is sustainable where human and other species can live in harmony.


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