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We are In A Mission To Start seven Digital Education Centers In Sundarban. Now We Are Running Such 1 Centre. Digital and Technical Education which Is Now This Era’s Demand. We realized that a lot of socio-economically backward children in Sundarbans are facing a psychological setback with the sudden shift of Education into Digital Mode after the Covid pandemic. Children cannot afford a smartphone or a laptop and so are bound to depreciate in their learning outcomes or even can drop out of Education. Your contribution to this project shall facilitate such needy children and help them sustain their education and excel too. This initiative will help 1500 children continue and complete their cycle of education.

  • Cost/month =10,000
  • Cost/Annum =1,20,000
  • 5000 maintenance cost/ month  
  • 25000 installation cost of 1 pc
  • 50000 installation cost of 2 pc
  • 75000 installation cost of 3 pc
  • 100000 installation cost of 4 pc
  • 60000 maintenance cost/ annum

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 Aranyaj-"Aranyaj Society For Educational And Environmental Development" is a registered non-profit making, non-political and non-governmental organization, founded by Mrs. 


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