Financial Break-Up

Aranyaj keeps their Books of Accounts in the Indian version of cloud based accounting software QUICKBOOKS, a product of Intuit Inc. USA. It keeps the accounts regularly updated, each transaction supported by approved vouchers. It gets its Accounts audited by a Chartered accountant and regularly files Returns as required by the Indian Societies Act and Income Tax Act.

It has developed an effective MIS thru which it can monitor project-wise receipts and payments as well as control overheads. It has been able to keep its administrative expenditures to not more than 8 percent of its overall expenditure.

As a result of prudent internal controls, during the past financial year, it 

has been able to produce timely Utilization Certificates to its Corporate Donors for donations received under their CSR programs.

With robust information and communication infrastructure in place, Aranyaj is poised to handle its activities as it grows in volume and conveys value-added information to its Donors as and when required.  

Break-up of Cost of all activities


Cost/month – INR. 11000/-

Food- 6000



Overhead – 750


Cost per sapling :   INR 10 :

{3 (fruit collection cost), 3 (manure), 1 (sapling packaging),

2 (sapling maintenance), 1 (overhead)}

Digital Education

Digital education centre : Cost per month: 5000

INR 25000 installation cost of 1 pc

INR 5000 maintenance cost/ month { 4000 – instructor’s cost, 1000 – computer maintenance cost }

Skill Development

Sanitary Napkin unit- INR 20000 { 10000 equipment, 4000 raw materials, Trnasportarion : 30002000 trainer’s remuneration, 1000 overhead cost }

Tailoring unit – INR 25,000 { 20000 equipment, 1500 raw material, 3000 trainer’s remuneration, 500 overhead cost }


Cost per camp:  INR 20000 { 11000 medicines, 4000 doctor’s honoree, 2000 health workers, 3000 transportation cost }

Menstrual Hygiene

Cost/month – INR 10000 for 500 girls { Production cost- 6000/-, Distribution Cost- 3000/- Overhead cost- 1000}

About Us

Aranyaj-“Aranyaj Society For Educational And Environmental Development is a non-profit, Voluntary, Tax Exempted, 80G & FCRA registered organization, founded by a group of dedicated social workers for a greener- balanced – equal planet for all where not a single child is malnourished and deprived from education and development is sustainable where human and other species can live in harmony.


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