Menstrual Hygiene

What is this about?

This year I am training to run for my first half marathon in April 2021. I hope to raise funds for Aranyaj Society for Educational and Environmental Development , a non-profit organization, working relentlessly with a mission to ‘Save Our Sundarban’. Beside education, livelihood support and plantation project they are also empowering women in the remote islands of Sundarbans by promoting menstrual hygiene.



Dr. Reshmi Pal


Why run for this cause?

It is shocking that barely 12% of adolescent girls and women in Sundarban have access to sanitary pads. The reasons behind low menstrual hygiene are lack of awareness, information, embarrassment and most importantly affordability. Unfortunately, COVID-pandemic has worsened the situation. Many islanders especially who are migrant labors, has lost their livelihood. So, girls and women sacrifice the luxury of spending INR 50 – 60 for their hygiene! With schools shutting down because of COVID19, access to sanitary pads has become more challenging than ever because girls usually purchase sanitary pads from their school (@ INR 2.5 per pad). So, they are using and reusing cloth and often resorting to dangerous practices like filling up socks with ash and tying them around their waist in the hope that it will absorb menstrual blood! Such unhygienic practices are causing gynecological ailments, fungal and bacterial infection and even cervical cancer, all of which claims 1000s of lives each year.


How is Aranyaj Society helping promote menstrual hygiene?

Aranyaj Society is striving to distribute sanitary pads among these very needy female population through MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) and KAP (Knowledge Attitude Practice) programme. Through their initiative Aranyaj is spreading knowledge and awareness among these female population who are adopting the use of sanitary pads for the first time. To further facilitate adoption, they are provided pads free of cost for the 1st 3 months.


How can you support Aranyaj Society in their mission?

We are very fortunate to be in the place where we are today. So, it is time we give back to our society. Menstrual hygiene is no more a privilege, it is every women’s right. I urge you to come forward and support the cause. Every dollar can change the habit of an adolescent girl (pads for 3 months) and will help her to live hygienic and dignified periods.




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