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We are running three low-cost sanitary napkin manufacturing units in Ashokenagar, Dumdum, and Sundarban where many self-help-groups are manufacturing pads. This initiative is taken to give livelihood support to the women who are the victim of domestic violence and other social injustice and also to increase the accessibility of pads which helps them break the silence surrounding menstruation through a shared sense of social and economic empowerment. One major problem is that in India at least 60 million napkins are not disposed of properly. So keeping in mind the problems related to solid waste, 80% of the raw material used to manufacture pads is biodegradable. For this project, we got financial assistance from ONGC. In addition to that, there is a series of sensitization camp on the KAP program (Knowledge – Attitude – Practice) which is specially designed for school children having menstrual periods, 

and “Menstrual Hygiene Management Programme (MHM)” which is designed for adult ladies so that female group can come to know its importance and lead a dignified life during periods. Our team also motivates the beneficiaries to collect the pads at a subsidized rate (or at the rate of no-profit-no-loss cost) from the distribution center for their better health and hygiene.

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 Aranyaj-"Aranyaj Society For Educational And Environmental Development" is a registered non-profit making, non-political and non-governmental organization, founded by Mrs. 


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