Birthdays and festivals are joyous occasions to celebrate with our families. It’s a time for sharing gifts and spreading smiles among our loved ones, creating cherished experiences. On these auspicious occasions, Aranyaj Society invites you to celebrate and share your happiness in a unique way. Why not surprise your loved ones, relatives, and friends by sharing the gift of humanity this time?

At Aranyaj Society, we strongly believe in the power of giving. You can celebrate your own or your loved one’s birthday while also bringing smiles to the children and mothers who need care and support the most. In addition to birthdays, you can also celebrate weddings, wedding anniversaries, rice ceremonies, thread ceremonies, housewarmings, promotion days, first salary days, and countless other personal milestones. We also embrace national and international days such as Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Joy of Giving, Christmas Day, and many more. These occasions are typically celebrated with our loved ones, but this time, you can double your joy by adding compassion to the equation.

You have the flexibility to customize your event according to your preferences. For example, you can choose a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal for 25 people at ₹2000. The cost of a special day celebration starts from ₹8000 for 50 underprivileged children. A comprehensive birthday party celebration throughout the day, which includes a cake-cutting ceremony, special menu, games, art and craft activities, special decorations, and return gifts for children from our project area, starts from ₹16000. You will receive a video or photographic presentation of the celebration as a memento. Furthermore, you can utilize these sacred occasions to support any cause that serves humanity, and your desired donation amount will be directed toward the project of your choice. Seize this opportunity to showcase your philanthropic side and make a difference in society, no matter how small.

Our organization firmly believes that this approach will teach people that life is not just about accumulating material possessions for oneself, but also about appreciating what we have and being generous whenever possible. Our children and mothers will be overjoyed to celebrate this special day in your life, making it even more memorable when shared with the community. To book an event day, simply send us a prior notice or contact us using the details provided at the end.

Moreover, you can utilize these sacred occasions to support any cause that benefits humanity, and Aranyaj Society will also assist in this endeavour. Your donations will be directed to the project of your choice, serving as the best birthday return gift for the children. This is an opportunity to bring forth your philanthropic side and make a significant impact on society through this small act of kindness.

We believe that celebrating festivals and birthdays in this manner will uplift the spirits of the children and allow them to experience happiness as well. It will also serve as a valuable learning experience for them.

So, let us not only celebrate birthdays and special days as personal milestones but also as opportunities to bring joy and happiness to those who need it the most. For more details, please contact us via WhatsApp or phone at 8240331565.

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