Dr. Sunil Kumar Nag, Chairman

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the esteemed Dr. Sunil Kumar Nag, Chairman of our NGO. With decades of experience as a Consultant Physician and Pediatrician, an alumnus of R.G.KAR MEDICAL COLLEGE, Dr. Nag is a renowned figure in the medical community, both locally and nationally.

Dr. Nag’s commitment to health and hygiene projects has been instrumental in the success of our organization. He has provided leadership in all aspects of our work, ensuring that we deliver high-quality services to those in need. Dr. Nag’s passion for healthcare extends beyond our organization, as he has been actively involved in promoting the importance of breastfeeding since the early 80s.

Through his leadership, Dr. Nag has helped to flourish the Mohanananda Hospital, where treatments are provided at a fraction of the cost. The hospital boasts a special unit for thalassemia patients, where 100 children receive life-saving treatments, including blood transfusions, at minimal cost. Dr. Nag’s dedication to serving the underserved communities has been unwavering, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Dr. Nag’s work has not gone unnoticed, as he has been recognized by His Excellency, Governor of W.B. Shri N.K. Narayanan, with an award for Women Development and Social Welfare. His tireless efforts to promote health and wellbeing in the community have inspired many, and he continues to be a beacon of hope for those in need.

We are honored to have Dr. Nag as the Chairman of our organization, and we are grateful for his ongoing commitment to our mission. We look forward to continuing to work alongside him to bring about positive change in the lives of those we serve.

Anindarupa Chunder


Scientist, California, USA

our school is proud to have Anindarupa Chunder as our esteemed chairwoman at our school. As an alumna of Scottish Church College, Calcutta University, and a renowned scientist based in California, USA, she brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to our community. Her upbringing in Kolkata has instilled in her a deep appreciation for education, and her unwavering commitment to providing opportunities for all children is nothing short of inspiring. Anindarupa’s passion for human welfare and her belief in the interconnectedness of all people is truly contagious, and we feel lucky to have her leading us toward a brighter future for all students at our school. Her vision for a world where every child has access to quality education and a chance to fulfill their potential is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and we are grateful to be a part of that mission. We are honored to have her leadership and vision guiding us toward a brighter future for all students at our school. We are confident that under her guidance, our school will continue to flourish and empower our students to become the best versions of themselves.



aRANYAJ  sCHOOL committee

Scientist, California, USA

Anasuya Saha, an alumna of Presidency College, Calcutta University, is a true inspiration to us all. She embodies the values of hard work and perseverance that we all strive for, but what truly sets her apart is her incredible compassion and dedication to helping those in need.

Growing up in Kolkata, India, Anasuya learned firsthand the importance of giving back to the community. Even as she pursued a successful career in bioscience in the USA, her desire to make a positive impact on the world never wavered.

Through her work as Pro Vice-chairperson of our school committee, Anasuya has shown that education is truly the key to success. She understands that by providing children with the tools and resources they need, we can help them change the trajectory of their lives and make a significant impact on the world around them.

Anasuya’s contribution to strengthening the governance and policies of the organization is truly invaluable. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to making a difference in the world is something that we should all strive towards. Thank you, Anasuya, for being a beacon of hope and inspiration to us all!

Amrita Bose Gupta, Secretary

MSc (Chemistry), B.Ed

Amrita Bose Gupta is a founder member of Aranyaj Society and an inspirational figure who has dedicated her life to making a positive impact. She started her career as a teacher, but her passion for nature conservation, eco-education, and providing health and livelihood support to underprivileged citizens has been her calling for the past fifteen years. She focused her efforts on the remote islands of Sundarban, where poverty is intertwined with the ecosystem, leading to reckless feeding on natural resources, erosion, and biotic pressure on the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve.

Amrita and her team visited the households of remote islands of Sundarban, understanding their difficulties and developing a strong bond with the islanders. She approached different PSUs for financial assistance to boost their activities in Sundarban. Amrita is not just an administrator; she looks after all academic affairs of the NGO and designs rallies, roadshows, audio-visual shows, and all demonstration programs. She is a researcher and writer of many environment-related articles published in print and electronic media, the script of street dramas, and skits. She is an excellent motivator through public speaking and writing. She believes that each individual has the potential to do their part towards the development of a nation sustainably and always encourages people to take responsibility for their actions.

In conclusion, Amrita Bose Gupta is a true hero who has dedicated her life to making a positive difference in the world. Her tireless efforts towards the upliftment of the people of Sundarban and the protection of the ecosystem are an inspiration to us all. We salute her passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to this noble cause.

Shri Anjan Sen

Former Senior General Manager Finance (CA), Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). He joined us after he retired from TCS when he came back from Mumbai in 2016. At That time we were groping to fulfill the accounting requirements of different PSUs. 

Funding increased and so the need for keeping proper accounting and control was felt. Then Mr. Sen was attached to us. He has expertise in designing financial systems and Internal Controls. We appointed him for bringing our so-called note-based bookkeeping to proper formal accounting. And then started the journey, from Excel to Tally and now QuickBooks. Our accounting, record-keeping internal controls, and Reporting gradually grew into a robust system, any funding agency/donor now can rely upon. He also visited our project site at Sundarban and also reviewed documents produced for fund utilization. Today we are up-to-date in respect of filing requirements with statutory bodies because we derive authentic numbers in time. 


Treasurer and Cultural Coordinator, Activist

MA, Vocal Music, Rabindra Bharati University

Upasana Bose, our Cultural Coordinator, is a scholar from Rabindra Bharati University whose unwavering commitment to helping underprivileged children is truly inspiring. Her passion to transform the lives of disadvantaged children led her to join the Aranyaj Society, where she took on the responsibility of educating and caring for slum children in Kolkata. As an artist, she firmly believes that art and culture play a critical role in children’s lives and is determined to expose them to India’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s numerous challenges, Upasana and her team of volunteers worked tirelessly to establish 20 Pathshalas in remote villages, providing basic education and nutritious food to 487 children. Through their hard work and dedication, these children have been given the chance to nurture their dreams and aspirations and live a life full of opportunities. Upasana’s social change commitment doesn’t end there. She established the Aranyaj Cultural Team, which has actively participated in various social activities, such as awareness drives and street dramas. Her team has always been at the forefront of every roadshow, working tirelessly to create a better world for everyone. Upasana’s relentless work has brought hope to many lives.

Prabuddha Gupta

Chief Co-ordinator

Prabuddha Gupta is the son of an eminent social worker and academician late Dr. Sukumar Gupta (Principal, Bangabasi Evening College, President Bangiya Vigyan Parishad) and Late Dr. Ira Gupta (general physician, dedicated her life in the development of health and education of slum children of Kolkata). Mr. Gupta in his early days used to participate actively in several roadshows, plantation drives with his parents. Especially in the 1980s every year 6th August on Hiroshima Day the largest non-political rally in Kolkata in those days was conducted by Bangiya Vigyan Parishad under his father’s leadership with the slogan ‘Say No to War’ which is very relevant in the 21st century too. Prabuddha’s passion for social work and community service has only grown stronger with time.

The loss of both his parents at a young age left a deep void in his heart, but he refused to let their legacy fade away. He vowed to continue their work and make them proud. Every time he participates in a social cause, he feels their presence guiding him, motivating him, and cheering him on.

It’s not just about the work, but the emotion behind it. Prabuddha pours his heart and soul into every project he takes up. He feels the pain and suffering of those he helps, but also their joy and gratitude. The smile on a child’s face, the tears of a mother, the gratitude of a stranger – these are the moments that make his heart swell with pride and his eyes fill with tears. His love for nature and the environment is another facet of his emotional persona. He feels a deep connection with the earth, the trees, the birds, and the animals. The sight of a barren land or a polluted river brings tears to his eyes. He dreams of a world where nature and humans coexist in harmony, and he works tirelessly to make that dream a reality.

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