Mission & Vision


A climate friendly, balanced and equal planet for all where not a single child is malnourished and deprived from education.


To protect, restore mangrove and ecological balance in Sundarban Biosphere Reserve and improve the overall condition of islanders through education, nutrition, skill development, livelihood support and health service.

Our Objectives

  • To provide education and nutrition to under-privileged children.
  • To restore mangrove buffer in Sundarban Biosphere Reserve.
  • To provide rehabilitation to the Tiger-victim families and arrange alternate livelihood for the islanders to remove the external biotic pressure on forest and involve them in wildlife rescue-rehabilitation-protection-plantation.
  • To reach out with treatment to the unreached one.
  • To provide biodegradable sanitary napkin to each adolescent girl and the women of fertile age group who are less-privileged.
  • To Empower women through economical- legal –social – educational empowerment.
  • To spread Awareness on health, rights, environment and its sustainability.

About Us

Aranyaj-“Aranyaj Society For Educational And Environmental Development is a non-profit, Voluntary, Tax Exempted, 80G & FCRA registered organization, founded by a group of dedicated social workers for a greener- balanced – equal planet for all where not a single child is malnourished and deprived from education and development is sustainable where human and other species can live in harmony.


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  Ashirbad Building, Nandankanon, Dhalipara, Teghoria, P.O- Hatiara.Kolkata -700157.