Celebrate Birthday with us

Celebrate Your Birthday with our Kids

Birthdays and festivals are such a fun time to celebrate with our family. Sharing gifts and spreading smiles with our loved ones is a cherishing experience. On this auspicious occasions Aranyaj Society invites you to celebrate and share your happiness with a difference. Why not surprise your loved ones, relatives, and friends by sharing the gift of humanity this time?

At Aranyaj Society, we believe in the “gift of giving”. You can celebrate your or your loved one’s birthday and help in bringing smiles to the children and mothers who need your care & support most.

Because Happiness grows exponentially when shared.

Our organisation believes that this way people will learn that life is not about getting more *stuff* for yourself, but appreciating what you have and being generous whenever you can. Our children and mothers would be excited to celebrate this blessed day of your life and that will make your day even more special when celebrated with the islanders. You can easily book a day for the Event by sending a prior notice to us or contacting on the details given at the end.


  1. Cake cutting ceremony
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch (veg or non-veg). We don’t give food packed with limited quantity. Children sit and enjoy unlimited food of their choice.
  4. Organising sports/sit-and-draw/ cultural activity- whole day fun among our children
  5. Return gift (books / stationary / drawing set / school bag / sports kit / dress / complementary sweet packets / protein rich dry ration)
  6. Eco-friendly birthday decoration
  7. Tiffin / evening snacks

You can customise the event as your choice. For example veg meal / non-veg meal for 25 heads ₹2000. Special celebration cost starts from ₹8000. You will be get video / photographic presentation of the celebration. For on-site special day celebration, that is if you wish to celebrate your special day in special way visiting our project area physically, there are some extra fixed charges (₹7000 for a day upto 10 heads, excluding the travelling cost. Hope you understand that we strive in a remote island).

Not only this, you can even use such pious occasions to support any cause of humankind and you can donate any amount you want in which Aranyaj Society will be helping too. Your donations will be transferred to the project of your choice. This could mean the best birthday return gift for the kids. Use this as an opportunity to bring your philanthropist side to the forefront and make an impact in the society by this little difference.

We believe that by celebrating festivals and birthdays in this way will boost the morale of the kids and they can experience the happiness too. Not only will this but it also be a learning experience for the kids.

For more details please contact / whats app 8240331565

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